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Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 Annual #2A

Wonder Woman, Vol. 2 Annual #2A

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Direct Edition
Comic | 64 pages | $ 2.00

While clearing out the late Myndi Mayer's office, her friends recall some of Myndi's past promotions. When Wonder Woman shows up to help, she tells the tale of the meaning behind her emblem.


Writer Lee Marrs | George Pérez
Artist Ramona Fradon | Trina Robbins | Barb Rausch | Colleen Doran | Carol Lay | Bill Martin | Jan Duursema
Penciller Cara Sherman-Tereno
Inker Leslie Sternbergh
Colorist Julianna Ferriter | Adrienne Roy | Tatjana Wood | Helen Vesik | Julia Lacquement | Michele Wolfman | Shelley Eiber
Letterer L. Lois Buhalis | Carrie Spiegle | Carrie Spiegle
Cover Artist George Pérez
Editor Karen Berger


Steve Trevor
Julia Kapatelis
Vanessa Kapatelis
Hermes (DC)
Myndi Mayer
Ed Indelicato
Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)
Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
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