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Transformers Ongoing #10A

Transformers Ongoing #10A

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Guido Guidi & J. Brown Regular Cover
| Comic | $ 3.99

'International Incident,' Part 2: Spike and Optimus lead a covert team onto South Korean soil, but do they have a chance against a fully-armed platoon of Combaticons? Somebody's about to get their tail-pipe kicked in a big way. Costa and Guidi bring the pain with the biggest brawl yet in the Transformers ongoing title.



Writer Mike Costa
Artist Guido Guidi
Cover Artist Guido Guidi
Cover Colorist James Brown
Colorist James Brown
Letterer Neil Uyetake
Editor Andy Schmidt, Carlos Guzman


Optimus Prime (Autobot)
Ratchet (Autobot)
Bumblebee (Autobot)
Prowl (Autobot)
Jazz (Autobot)
Wheeljack (Autobot)
Cliffjumper (Autobot)
Thundercracker (Decepticon - Seeker)
Jetfire (Autobot)
Spike Witwicky (Autobot Ally) Spike Witwicky

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