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Thor, Vol. 1 #468C

Thor, Vol. 1 #468C

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| Comic | 32 pages | $ 1.25

Mad God: Part 1 (of 13) - The Silver Surfer guest stars in part one of this cosmic crossover - involving Thor, Silver Surfer, Warlock Chronicles, and Warlock & the Infinity Watch! The action begins when Sif and Beta Ray Bill encounter Thor, who is frantically attempting to end the madness that consumes him. But wait, there's more!


Writer Ron Marz
Cover Artist M.C. Wyman
Penciller Bruce Zick
Inker Mike DeCarlo
Colorist Tom Vincent
Letterer Phil Felix
Editor Mike Rockwitz
Editor in Chief Tom DeFalco


Thor Thor Odinson
Silver Surfer Norrin Radd
Odin Odin Borson
Balder the Brave Balder Odinson
Lady Sif Sif
Valkyrie Thor's Madness
Beta Ray Bill Bill
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