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Thor, Vol. 1 #127A

Thor, Vol. 1 #127A

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1st app. Pluto, 1st app. Hippolyta, 1st full app. the Midgard Serpent, 1st app. Volla

The Hammer and the Holocaust - Seidring has usurped the Odinpower, and uses it to take over Asgard. Thor is the last hope, having been on Midgard at the time, but what price victory?

The Meaning of Ragnarok - Volla tells the tale of how Ragnarok will come about.



Writer Stan Lee
Cover Artist Jack Kirby
Penciller Jack Kirby
Inker Vince Colletta
Letterer Artie Simek, Sam Rosen
Editor Stan Lee
Editor in Chief Stan Lee


Thor Thor Odinson
Loki Loki Laufeyson
Odin Odin Borson
Balder the Brave Balder Odinson
Jane Foster
Volstagg The Voluminous Volstagg
Hogun the Grim Hogun
Fandral The Dashing Fandral
Heimdall Rig-Heimdall
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