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The Transformers: Spotlight, Vol. 1 #18RI

The Transformers: Spotlight, Vol. 1 #18RI

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Nick Roche Retailer Incentive Virgin Variant Cover
| Comic | $ 3.99

Simon Furman (w), Dan Khanna (a), E.J. Su, Nick Roche (c): The apocalyptic Revelations Cycle continues as the spotlight falls on the coldly calculating, self-serving DEALER (aka DOUBLEDEALER)! As the Dead Universe erupts into our own, Dealer and HOT ROD go in search of The Magnificence and, the AUTOBOTS hope, answers! But Dealer is only concerned with finishing the dark intrigues begun on Ki-Aleta! From the mind of TRANSFORMERS Uber-scribe Simon Furman, and art by Dan Khanna!


Writer Simon Furman
Cover Artist Nick Roche
Penciller Dan Khanna
Inker Frank Milkovich, Robert Q. Atkins
Colorist Liam Shalloo
Letterer Chris Mowry
Editor Denton J. Tipton


Optimus Prime (Autobot)
Rodimus Prime (Autobot)
Hound (Autobot)
Jetfire (Autobot)
Galvatron (Decepticon)
Cosmos (Autobot)
Cyclonus (Decepticon)
Bludgeon (Decepticon - Pretender)
Warpath (Autobot)
Hoist (Autobot)
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