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Tales to Astonish #62 CGC 4.5-Qualified-1964 1st app Leader

Tales to Astonish #62 CGC 4.5-Qualified-1964 1st app Leader

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1st cameo app. The Leader (Samuel Sterns), 1st cameo app. Humanoid, 1st full cover app. The Chameleon

Giant-Man Versus the Wonderful Wasp - Hank Pym is developing a formula for rapidly growing plant life to feed the poorer countries on Earth when a cat burglar catches him off guard. Stealing his suit, the burglar goes on a crime spree in the persona of Giant-Man.

Enter... The Chameleon - The Chameleon has been hired by "The Leader" (not that one) to track down the first agent sent out to gain information from Gamma Base and steal the robot. The Chameleon almost gets away with it too, but he makes the mistake of threatening Betty Ross (who is referred to as Miss Brant on two occassions.)


Writer Stan Lee
Cover Artist Jack Kirby
Penciller Steve Ditko, Carl Burgos
Inker Richard Bache Ayers, George Bell
Letterer Sam Rosen, Artie Simek
Editor Stan Lee
Editor in Chief Stan Lee


Captain America Steve Rogers
Hulk Robert Bruce Banner
Wasp Janet van Dyne
Rick Jones
Giant-Man Henry 'Hank' Pym
Thaddeus E. 'Thunderbolt' Ross
Betty Ross-Banner
Chameleon Dmitri 'Kravinoff' Smerdyakov
Glenn Talbot
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