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Silver Surfer, Vol. 3 #79B - VG/FN - Stock Photo

Silver Surfer, Vol. 3 #79B - VG/FN - Stock Photo

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| Comic | 32 pages | $ 1.25

Attempting to take his ease following his recent encounters with Morg and Nebula, the Silver Surfer relaxes in a tranquil glade... only to find himself the target of an attack by the surviving Kree, Dr. Minerva and Captain Atlas. The pair convince the Surfer that they're simply trying to come to grips with the Kree's defeat at the hands of the Shi'ar, but they have a much more nefarious purpose.


Writer Ron Marz
Cover Artist Terry Austin, Ron Lim
Penciller Ron Lim
Inker Tom Christopher
Colorist Tom Vincent
Letterer Ken Bruzenak
Editor Craig Anderson
Editor in Chief Tom DeFalco


Silver Surfer Norrin Radd
Gladiator Kallark
Terrax Tyros
Oracle (Imperial Guard) Sybil
Beta Ray Bill Simon Walters
Tempest Angel Salvadore
Dr. Minerva Minn-Erva
Captain Atlas
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