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Silver Surfer, Vol. 3 #102B - VG/FN - Stock Photo

Silver Surfer, Vol. 3 #102B - VG/FN - Stock Photo

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| Comic | 32 pages | $ 1.50

Wearied of his existence, the Silver Surfer seeks an audience with Galactus. As the source of the Power Cosmic that has transformed him into what he is, the Surfer hopes that he can persuade Galactus to return to him his original form. But even Galactus knows of the good that the Silver Surfer has done the universe. And having become such a key player in the cosmos, it wouldn't be prudent to remove him.


Artist Tom Grindberg
Cover Artist Tom Grindberg
Inker Bill Anderson
Colorist Tom Vincent
Letterer Ken Bruzenak
Plotter Ron Marz, Mike Friedman
Scripter Mike Lackey
Editor Craig Anderson
Editor in Chief Mark Gruenwald


Silver Surfer Norrin Radd
Galactus Galan
Air-Walker Gabriel

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