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Prime, Vol. 1 #6A

Prime, Vol. 1 #6A

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Comic | 32 pages | $ 2.50

Prime, possibly the most powerful Ultra-Human to appear, is now in the hands of the sinister Colonel Samuels of the US Military. As his parents worry about where he is, and his father struggles with the burden of knowing as much as he does about his son's predicament, Kevin Green is being recruited by the government to investigate the strange lunar energy emissions that seem to be causing the rise of Ultra-Humans on Earth.

But among the other preparations they're making, the military has Prime training in combat scenarios... against Wrath, super agent of the US spy agency Aladdin!


Writer Len Strazewski, Gerard Jones
Artist Norm Breyfogle
Cover Artist Albert Calleros, Norm Breyfogle
Colorist Violent Hues, Keith Conroy
Letterer Tim Eldred
Editor Hank Kanalz, Dan Danko
Editor in Chief Chris Ulm


Prime Kevin Green
Bill Clinton
Russell Green
Ruth Green
Colonel Samuels Samuels

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