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Future State: The Next Batman #3A

Future State: The Next Batman #3A

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| Comic | 64 pages | $ 7.99

The adventures of the next Batman continue! Batman has captured a pair of murderous fugitives, but he faces a tough decision: leave them for the Magistrate troops, which means certain death, or risk his life and fight his way through Gotham City to deliver them to the GCPD for trial. He's there's only one choice! And in "Outsiders," Katana has reunited with Black Lightning, but her old friend and ally has changed...big-time! Now composed of literal black lightning, Jefferson Pierce arrives with a dire warning about Duke Thomas and his mission to liberate Gotham from the oppression of the Magistrate. They'll have to work together-and we really mean together-to have any hope of defeating the forces working against them! Plus, in "Arkham Knights," Astrid Arkham and her band of maniacal misfits have picked a fight with the Magistrate...and they're not going to back down! On the eve of their mission into the heart of Gotham's fascist occupiers, Croc, Zsasz, Phosphorus, Clayface, Harvey, and the rest steel themselves to try and shine a beacon of hope into the darkness-but not everyone will make it out alive!


Writer Paul Jenkins, Brandon Thomas
Artist Laura Braga, Jack Herbert
Cover Artist José Ladrönn
Penciller Nick Derington
Inker Jack Herbert, Raúl Fernández
Colorist Jordie Bellaire, Arif Prianto
Letterer Steve Wands, Rob Leigh
Editor Dave Wielgosz, Ben Abernathy
Editor in Chief Robert Harras


Two-Face Harvey Dent
Killer Croc Waylon Jones
Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce
Renee Montoya
Clayface Basil Karlo
Lucius Fox
Signal Duke Thomas
Mr. Zsasz Victor Zsasz
Anarky Lonnie Machin
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