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Excalibur, Vol. 1 #23A

Excalibur, Vol. 1 #23A

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Comic | 32 pages | $ 1.50

The members of Excalibur find themselves in a world where merely possessing super powers is illegal. They soon get caught in a power struggle between the law and the world's greatest criminals: Magik and Kit Pryde.


Writer Chris Claremont
Cover Penciller Alan Davis
Cover Inker Paul Neary
Penciller Alan Davis
Inker Paul Neary
Colorist Glynis Oliver
Letterer Kevin Cunningham, Tom Orzechowski
Editor Terry Kavanagh
Editor in Chief Tom DeFalco


Nightcrawler Kurt Wagner
Captain Britain Brian Braddock
Meggan Braddock
Alistaire Stuart
Widget (Earth-811) Katherine 'Kate' Pryde
Phoenix (Earth-811: Days of Future Past) Rachel Anne 'Ray' Summers
Justicer Bull (Earth-23238) Cassandra Bull
Chief Examining Magistrate Betsy Braddock (Earth-23238)
Lord High Justicer Brian Braddock (Earth-23238)
Kit Pryde (Earth-23238)
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