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Detective Comics, Vol. 3 #1055A

Detective Comics, Vol. 3 #1055A

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Regular Irvin Rodriguez Cover
| Comic | 40 pages | $ 4.99

The Tower under siege! With their grand scheme crumbling around them, Dr. Wear and the mysterious Dr. Ocean have lost control of Arkham Tower to the patients it houses...who just so happen to be some of the most violent, murderous villains Gotham City has ever seen. The Bat-Family on the inside are in shambles: Huntress is wounded, Nightwing is carrying 175 pounds of smarmy jerk on his shoulder, and Dr. Meridian is incapacitated. Who's left to save the civilian hostages from this nightmare? Hmm...wasn't there a patient who thought she was Harley Quinn? Then, in "House of Gotham" part 9, the boy is growing up...and growing into the man that Gotham City has made him. Through the trauma of his time with the Penguin to the terror wrought by Azrael, a new mission springs to mind for this lost son of Gotham...murder.


Writer Mariko Tamaki, Matthew Rosenberg
Artist Amancay Nahuelpan, Fernando Blanco
Cover Artist Irvin Rodriguez
Colorist Jordie Bellaire
Letterer Ariana Maher, Rob Leigh
Editor Ben Abernathy, Paul Kaminski
Editor in Chief Marie Javins


Nightwing Richard 'Dick' Grayson
Oracle Barbara Gordon
Killer Croc Waylon Jones
Scarecrow Jonathan Crane
Huntress Helena Bertinelli
Batwoman Katherine 'Kate' Kane
Psycho-Pirate Roger Hayden
Batgirl Stephanie Brown
Mister Freeze Victor Fries
Mayor Christopher Nakano
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