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DC vs. Vampires #5A

DC vs. Vampires #5A

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Regular Trevor Hairsine Cover
| Comic | 32 pages | $ 3.99

The future of the world is at stake as a battle to the death ensues between Batman and Hal Jordan! Will the vampiric Green Lantern be too much for the Dark Knight? Will the future of humanity be in the hands of...Jayna, vampire slayer? The bloody, bestselling series continues!


Writer Matthew Rosenberg, James Tynion IV
Artist Otto Schmidt
Cover Artist Trevor Hairsine, Rainier Beredo
Colorist Simone Di Meo
Letterer Tom Napolitano
Editor Ben Abernathy


Green Arrow (Earth-63) Oliver Queen
Robin (Earth-63) Damian Wayne
Batgirl (Earth-63) Barbara Gordon
Nightwing (Earth-63) Dick Grayson
Harley Quinn (Earth-63) Harleen Quinzel
Wonder Woman (Earth-63) Diana Prince
Martian Manhunter (Earth-63) J'onn J'onzz
Alfred Pennyworth (Earth-63)
Green Lantern (Earth-63) Hal Jordan
Superman (Earth-63) Kal-El / Clark Kent
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