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Batman, Vol. 3 #120A

Batman, Vol. 3 #120A

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Jorge Molina Regular Cover
| Comic | 40 pages | $ 4.99

"Abyss" part three! The new Batman Inc.'s heinous crimes have landed them in a high-security prison. Batman believes the only way to help his old allies is to break them out...but they don't want his help! Meanwhile, Batman Inc.'s mysterious benefactor uses the chaos to enact their plans, but finds themselves lost in the dark against Abyss! Backup: The mysterious disappearances being investigated by Maps and Batman take a violent turn...Could this missing persons case be something much darker?



Writer Joshua Williamson, Karl Kerschl
Artist Jorge Molina, Mikel Janín
Cover Artist Jorge Molina
Colorist Tomeu Morey
Letterer Karl Kerschl, Clayton Cowles
Editor Ben Abernathy
Editor in Chief Marie Javins


Batman Bruce Wayne
El Gaucho Santiago Vargas
Hood George Cross
Dark Ranger Johnny Riley
Alexander 'Lex' Joseph Luthor
Man-of-Bats William Great Eagle
Bat-Man of China Wang Baixi
Robin Mia 'Maps' Mizoguchi

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