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Batman, Vol. 3 #115A

Batman, Vol. 3 #115A

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Regular Jorge Jimenez Cover
| Comic | 40 pages | $ 4.99

Batman and Miracle Molly are all that stands between Gotham City and absolute insanity! But an unhinged Simon Saint brings all the resources of the Magistrate to bear on the Dark victory at hand for the Scarecrow? Back-Up: Batgirls Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown have each other's backs no matter what-even if it means punching some Magistrate soldier butt, and putting an even bigger target on their backs. Meanwhile, a mysterious Anti-Oracle character finally makes contact directly with Babs and has a few things to say about the unethical nature of Oracle's powers, and what they think should be done about it.



Writer Michael Conrad, Becky Cloonan
Artist Jorge Jiménez, Jorge Corona
Cover Artist Jorge Jiménez
Cover Colorist Tomeu Morey
Colorist Tomeu Morey, Sarah Stern
Letterer Becca Carey, Clayton Cowles
Editor Jessica Chen, Ben Abernathy


Batman Bruce Wayne
Nightwing Richard 'Dick' Grayson
Catwoman Selina Kyle
Harley Quinn Harleen Quinzel
Poison Ivy Pamela Isley
Oracle Barbara Gordon
Scarecrow Jonathan Crane
Renee Montoya
Spoiler Stephanie Brown
Batgirl Cassandra Cain

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