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Detective Comics Annual, Vol. 1 #5A

Detective Comics Annual, Vol. 1 #5A

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Direct Edition
| Squarebound | 64 pages | $ 2.50

Bruce Gordon has come to Gotham, seeking to gather the black-diamond shards that hold the essence of Eclipso. Batman has recovered one, and the other two rest in the evidence lockup of the Gotham Police as part of an attempted heist.

Commissioner Gordon goes to retrieve them for Dr. Gordon, but tonight of all nights he shelters a strong anger in his heart. It's been one year since the Joker shot his niece, leaving her paralyzed. And he's just been broken out of Arkham.

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Writer Alan Grant, John Wagner
Cover Artist Sam Kieth
Penciller Tom Mandrake
Inker Rick Magyar, Tom Mandrake
Colorist Adrienne Roy
Letterer Todd Klein, Bill Oakley
Editor Scott Peterson, Dennis O'Neil


Batman Bruce Wayne
Alfred Pennyworth
Commissioner Gordon James 'Jim' Gordon
Oracle Barbara Gordon
Ventriloquist Arnold Wesker
Bruce Gordon
Frederick Rhino
Stan Kitch
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